Saffron Health Benefits: improves bone marrow

Some of the mineral and organic components of saffron cause an increase innutritive materials absorption especially calcium. With maximizing calciumabsorption from food, our body gets to improve bone mineral materialwhichprevents disorders such as Osteoporosis and other ailments related to the old

Saffron Health Benefits: improves nervous system

Vitamin B family, which has received marginal attention in health, plays a very important role in our body. Saffron contains a lot of vitamin B6which can preventsome serious disorders and help our body’s nervous system improve.

Saffron Health Benefits: antidepressant

Pain relief is always one of the most valuable properties of a plant or a treatment. Saffron acts as a tranquilizer and sedative a wide variety of ailments. Saffron can relief pain, decrease tension and anxiety, improve sleep pattern which is always welcomed

Saffron Health Benefits: prevents cancer

One of its most important characteristics is preventing cancer. With containing over 100 different materials existing in saffron, it can act as a great antioxidants. There are tens of antioxidant materials in saffron. Most of which with neutralizing free radicals (which is a harmful product of cell metabolism) can prevent mutation or death of healthy cells. This leads to a higher overall immunity in body. Saffron specifically can prevent cancer or cancer growth in body

Saffron Health Benefits: decrease stomach-related ailments

One of the oldest and best known usages of saffron is to alleviate stomach ailments and flatulence (gas). Relaxant and anti-inflammatory feature of saffron makes stomach relax, and decreases inflammation. Saffron leads to alleviation in ailments such as constipation, flatulence (gas), and other serious problems such as stomach ulcers

Saffron Health Benefits: anti-inflammatory and pain relief

Treating local inflammation and relieving pain is another feature of saffron. Saffron is a wonderful treatment for people who are suffering from sport injuries,  arthritis, and gout. Antioxidants existing in saffron can also increase the rate of recovery in wounds and injuries. Caution: Using saffron in high dosage can be dangerous, because high density of active components in saffron can have a lot of effects on body. However, in small dosages saffron do not usually have any allergy or side effect

Saffron nutrition value:

One spoon saffron (2 grams) contain the followings

6 Calories

1.3 g Carbohydrate

0.2 g Protein

0.1 Fat

0.1 Fiber

0.6 milligram Manganese (28% of the recommended daily intake)

1.6 milligram Vitamin C (3% of the recommended daily intake)

5.3 milligram Magnesium (1% of the recommended daily intake)

0.2 milligram Iron (1% of the recommended daily intake5)

5 milligram Phosphorus (1% of the recommended daily intake)

34.5 milligram Potassium (1 of the recommended daily intake)

Saffron Health Benefits: tension relief

One of the best and widely known health benefits of saffron is low-level depression treatment and boosting mood if it is used on regular basis. Many of active components in saffron affect endocrine (glands which secrete hormones or other products directly into the blood) and they can produce useful hormones which protect our health. Saffron has been praised for and considered as an antidepressant plant by many different research centers.

Saffron Health Benefits: control diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most dangerous and wide spread issues in our modern world which affects millions throughout the world. One of the health benefit of saffron which is of considerable importance, is diabetes control. If you are suffering from diabetes, it is a very good idea to use saffron. There is significant amount of manganese in saffron which can help your body to control and optimize the blood sugar level.

Saffron Health Benefits: protect heart health

One of the greatest goals in our modern life for human is heart health improvement. One very easy and simple way to protect the health of heart is using food containing potassium such as saffron. Potassium is a vasodilator (promotes the dilatation of blood vessels) in the body. It prevents high blood pressure and pressure on vessels. This protects the heart, and can prevent heart and brain strokes.

Saffron Health Benefits: increases blood circulation

Saffron can acts as an energy reinforcement for our body. With blood circulation increase, it improves metabolism in body. High density of iron in saffron means that saffron increases your red blood cells. As a result, with carrying oxygen to limbs, it increases blood circulation.

Saffron Health Benefits: increases body immunity

Although people consider spices like saffron just as a seasoning, they contain a lot of nutritive components with tons of benefits. One of health benefit of saffron is body immunity system improvement. Saffron has some vitamin C or in other words, acid ascorbic which is very important for human’s health. We all know that white globules are the first forefront to defend body against illnesses. C or acid ascorbic existing in saffron increases the rate of white cell production in the blood. With an increase in the number of white globules, body immunity system will get stronger.